4K Drone Video Services

4K videos are the norm for some people. However, many people seem to prefer lower resolutions like 1080p and below. This may seem like a good idea considering lower resolutions may take less space. However, there are a few benefits you are missing out if you are not using 4K videos. Some of these are:

  • 4K videos look better: This is simple. 4K means higher resolution, which will pass your information better in cleaner and more appealing videos.
  • Better Scalability of videos .
  • Ability to better stabilize the footage in post-production.

If you choose to move to 4K videos, you still need to pick from the numerous drone video services available.  One of your best options is UAV Ontario, a skilled video service that can shoot videos in 4k.

Unlike many others, our UAV video operators have the appropriate license and insurance to operate. This means you get full coverage in the event of accidents – of which we have none, our flight record is pristine.

We also offer fast turnaround time without compromising quality in our aerial video footage. Reach out to us today and relax as we make your 4k videos become a reality.